Gear Lube

85W-140 Heavy Duty EP Gear Lube

Sinopec 85W/140 Heavy Duty EP Gear Lube is a high-performance gear oil, available in four viscosity grades, formulated with high-quality base oil and an advanced multifunctional additive system to meet the requirements of API GL-5. Designed for the lubrication of hypoid gear sets in passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, where they offer excellent extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties.

Features and benefits
♦ Excellent extreme pressure and antiwear performance protects gears operating at high speeds and tooth pressures from abrasion, wear and welding, even in severe high-load and shock-loading conditions, extending component life. ♦ Excellent thermal and oxidation stability minimize the build up of deposits and varnish, reducing wear, extending component life and ensuring longer oil life. ♦ Protection against corrosion and rusting extends equipment life, and reduces maintenance costs. ♦ Good low-temperature fluidity ensures optimum lubrication, even in cold start-up conditions, and prevents start-up wear. ♦ Good anti-foaming properties ensure optimum oil film thickness, protecting components against wear, and minimize oil leakage. ♦ Available in five viscosity grades to meet the specific needs of the application. ♦ Multi-grade oils can be used over a wider temperature range, and so can reduce the need for seasonal oil change thus reducing maintenance costs. ♦ Fully compatible with common seal materials, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.

Sinopec GL-5 Heavy Duty Automotive Gear Oil is suitable for use in:
♦ Axles, final drives and power take-off units in trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles used in various industries, including the construction, agricultural, forestry and mining sectors. ♦ Differentials, gear boxes and steering gears, where a hypoid oil is required. ♦ Some industrial gear sets, where an extreme pressure (EP) gear oil is required.