Justar Engine Oil

Justar Engin Oil

Justar Engine Oil is a premium product formulated with high-quality multi-functional additive package. Its ultra-cleaning formula protects against engine sludge, even when driven in modern stop–start traffic conditions, ensuring optimum engine performance.

Features and benefits
♦ High viscosity index and fully synthetic base oils provide improved oxidation control compared to conventional oils, minimizing the formation of sludge and deposits and reducing oil thickening. This ensures the oil stays in grade for longer and extends both oil and engine life. ♦ Excellent anti-wear performance protects against engine wear and prolongs engine service life. ♦ The advanced low-ash additive system provides effective protection from deposits in gasoline engines equipped with turbochargers and electrically controlled high-pressure pump nozzles, and ensures optimum engine power output. ♦ Strict control of certain elements in the oil formulation ensures excellent catalyst compatibility and extends the life of three-way catalytic converters. ♦ Excellent temperature/viscosity characteristics ensure the protection of engine parts operating at both high and low temperatures. ♦ Low oil evaporation loss, a feature of the synthetic base oil, leads to improved fuel economy and reduces oil consumption, exhaust emissions and engine wear. ♦ Good elastomer compatibility ensures longer gasket and seal life.

Sinopec Justar Engine Oil is suitable for use in:
♦ Gasoline engines equipped with catalytic converters. ♦ Direct-injection gasoline engines with multi-valves and turbochargers, such as those in high-performance passenger cars, racing cars and coaches. ♦ Gasoline engines that require an API SN/ ILSAC GF-5 quality oil.